Demon's Bane - A Fantasy Novel by David Douglas

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Demon's Bane GraphicSenn Morel lives in fear of demons. But when they butcher his clan and possess his mother, he vows to use his newfound magic to take vengeance on these demon spirits that have invaded his world.

Lieh Morel is along for the ride, possessed by a bloodthirsty killer. As Lieh's captor demons chase her son across the continent of Kartus, using her magic to wreak havoc along the way, she hopes to avoid a violent confrontation that could kill them both.

The demon Xiuhcoatl is an experienced kidnapper, working for the lord of the demons-Senn's father. As he aids Lieh's possessors in tracking down Senn, he learns that not all demon spirits think the same way about their return to the physical world.

Demon's Bane follows the Morels on the high seas, across rolling plains, and through thick forests in a thrilling tale filled with romance and betrayal. But the real question is, who will take control of Kartus . . . and who will end up dead?

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Reviews of Demon's Bane:

J. Westfall on wrote,

A gem for readers! The story is well written and easy to fall into, like relaxing in your favorite chair with a tasty beer. It pulls you along at a comfortable pace while painting a vivid picture.

Michael from "Only The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy" wrote,

When you want to read a refreshing and entertaining story in a non-door-stopper format with a plucky 'little man' [as the hero], a good magic system, and intriguing demons, then I recommend to read Demon's Bane which is - I need to repeat it - David's debut novel.

Cheryl from "Cheryl's Book Nook" wrote,

Senn stole the show. He was engaging, charming, brave. . . . I can tell Mr. Douglas has a flair for good story telling.

S. Smith on wrote,

A refreshing new approach to magic! Highly recommended if you like fantasy and want something new and different. . . . A very enjoyable read.

Justin W. Parente on wrote,

David Douglas hits home! It's hard to describe any book you just fall in love with. . . . A magic system is seldom seen where actual science, technique, and methodology is implemented in the casting of said magic. . . . Demon's Bane will not disappoint, and in the end, you'll know what it means to have dedication to the craft.