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Demon's Bane at The Book Depository

You can now find the book at The Book Depository, where the price is a bit higher, but they offer free worldwide shipping!

As I'm writing this, it is priced at $16.80, which is not bad considering the $4.85 over the cover price will get the book to New Zealand :-) If you visit the .co.uk site of The Book Depository it's priced at £11.06.

Happy reading to my remote fans!

First reviews are in!

So far, four book bloggers have agreed to review Demon's Bane. Today, the first one of those reviews was published!

Bona Fide on Only The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy wrote a thorough review that speaks for itself. Here's a short excerpt: "When you want to read a refreshing and really entertaining story in a non door stopper format with a plucky 'little man', a good magic system and intriguing demons then I recommend to read Demon's Bane which is - I need to repeat it - David's debut novel."

At the Review page you can see all current reviews of the book, including a link to reader reviews on Amazon.

Download sample chapters of DEMON'S BANE now!

The book will be available for purchase in just a few short weeks. That means it's time to let you have a peek at the first several chapters! In this giveaway everyone wins:

Click here for the Samples page to download!

If you want to be notified when the book is available for purchase (bookstore special order + Amazon.com), please subscribe to the newsletter using the link in the right sidebar.

Enjoy reading, and I look forward to your comments! Here's a preview of the final cover:

The November giveaway winner is...

Congratulations to CN Heidelberg! You're the random winner in the November giveaway.

I'll put CN Heidelberg on my "free book" list, to be sent out once it's published. A short update on that: I had to revise the interior due to an issue with the margins. I'm hoping that I can release the book in about 1 week, if no further problems arise. Then I expect it will be available to bookstores for special order quite fast, although Amazon will take a few weeks longer.

Thanks again to the RAND() function of OpenOffice.org for ensuring a fair chance to all entrants.

Stay tuned for the December giveaway, where everyone wins!

The October giveaway winner is...

Congratulations to Udo H! You're the random winner in the October giveaway.

I'll put Udo on my "free book" list, to be sent out once it's published.

I'd like to thank the RAND() function of OpenOffice.org for its help in ensuring a fair chance to all newsletter subscribers. This free productivity suite isn't MS Office, but it's the best open source program I've ever seen.

Demon's Bane - Book Giveaway!

Revisions of the book are ongoing now! DEMON'S BANE should be available in December or January, if all goes well. Now the big news:

I am doing a promotional book giveaway, with a personally autographed copy to be shipped free of charge to each winner after publishing. There will be one random winner per month until it's published--JUST SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER to be eligible in October! And for those living far abroad... yes, I will even ship it to you (for free) in Malaysia, China, Australia, etc if you win.

For the October drawing, I'm going to use the Newsletter subscription list. If you receive the newsletter now, you're already in the running--no need to do anything! For the rest, just sign up for the newsletter (or a website account) using the links in the right sidebar. The first winner will be picked in the last week of October.

Please let your friends, family, and blog readers know, so they can have a chance at winning as well :-)

Good luck...

New Sections on the Website...

As I'd like to offer something besides just my book (which won't be available for some time), I'm adding some additional content to the website!

You'll notice there are now links for:
an e-Postcard to send this site to friends,
a Photos section, and
a Videos section.
I'll add interesting photos and videos from events I've attended, or from recent travels.

Stay tuned for a travel / review section, where I'll put reviews of restaurants/activities around Munich, as well as travelogues from longer journeys.

In addition you can now "email this page" for many articles, using a link at the bottom of the page.

The first revision is completed! Plus: a new, longer sample is available to read on the website...

After weeks of work with a family member, the proofreading and first revision of the book is completed. But this doesn't mean the book is published yet--the task of finding an agent and publisher continues! In addition, I need to get a professional reviewer to look over the samples and provide me with an evaluation. This will be invaluable to my business plan for the German government. Probably anyone with a PhD in literature would have the credentials to do it. Please contact the author if you are interested or have any connections in that regard.

Now the exciting part: the Prologue of the book is now available in the Samples section for everyone to preview: Demon's Bane Prologue! If you want to read the full excerpt, please register here.

Last but not least, there are now a few pictures of the author on the About the Author page! Usually I am busy taking pictures of animals, events, and landscapes, but I found a few photos of myself floating around in the dark recesses of my hard disk.

The writing is done! And the website has new art...

Demon's Bane currently weighs in at 109,500 words, although that may change a bit as I edit. The search for a literary agent is on, so any contacts you may have would be greatly appreciated.

In other news, check out the new art at the top of the page! The background photo was taken on a fantastic cloudy/sunny kind of stormy day, and is not touched up in any way. Straight out of the D90 just like that. The demons are free stock photos (nope, there are no lynxes or peregrines in Munich's Englischer Garten). Credits to Dylan Masells for helping me out with the graphics program AND the fantastic fonts!

More art will eventually be coming, hopefully including a map of Kartus as requested by readers of the manuscript and the samples. Stay tuned for more news here!

Follow David Douglas and Demon's Bane news via Twitter

I've been persuaded to sign up for Twitter. It's an interesting format for networking and information exchange, if it doesn't suck up all your free time in life. You can find me there at:

http://twitter.com/daviddbooks Spread the word! :-)

In writing news: the novel is now at 92,000 words, >260 pages in paperback format. Check out the samples at http://daviddouglasbooks.com/node/7, especially Demon Attack, to see what you're in for with the full novel.