Dave snowboarding in 2005

David Douglas is a Mechanical Engineer, recently employed testing DRAM memory chips and enabling the latest high-speed GDDR5 graphics chip testing. But, due to a price war among the Koreans and the eventual death of the last trench-memory-cell manufacturer, he now finds himself busy with other activities: riding the seas of Kartus, bringing demon spirits from the other side, and concocting stress-induced romances that would make even the most jilted of lovers wince.

The author has read hundreds of fantasy and sci-fi novels over the past 20 years. If that isn't enough, his mother is an English and foreign language teacher. This qualifies him as one of the few engineers that (thinks he) can write.

In his spare time, David is an avid cyclist, Ultimate frisbee player, sometimes skydiver, bass guitarist/singer, and snowboarder (if you know where he can find a cheap Virus raceboard, do say). He lives in Munich, Germany, home of the Oktoberfest, which strangely enough takes place in the end of September.

Photos of the author, and some nice shots he has taken himself: