Author Sites Joe Abercrombie -- one of my favorite new authors in the last few years. The First Law Trilogy was fantastic, I recommend it to anyone who likes gritty, realistic fantasy. Yes, I just said realistic fantasy. George R. R. Martin -- everyone will rave about his Song of Fire and Ice series, and how they have been waiting too long for the latest installment (>4 years?). I would point you to The Armageddon Rag, a fantastic tale about classic rock with a mixture of fantastic characters and a touch of fantasy. Brian Rathbone -- self-published fantasy writer. Brian's website has a lot of good information for authors as well, including a lot about self-publishing, podcasting, etc.

Writers' Resources Agent Query -- a database of reputable literary agents of all genres, along with many helpful tips. Writer Beware -- excellent listing of scams to watch for when trying to find an agent and get published. Also contains a database of scammer agents/publishers to be avoided.

Friends' Sites and Blogs Paul Savage -- a friend in Munich. Freelance programmer, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert, and snowboarding superstar. and Joe and Alisha Lion -- friends living in the US. Alisha is a pro cyclist, and her blog is far more up-to-date. ;)