The writing is done! And the website has new art...

Demon's Bane currently weighs in at 109,500 words, although that may change a bit as I edit. The search for a literary agent is on, so any contacts you may have would be greatly appreciated.

In other news, check out the new art at the top of the page! The background photo was taken on a fantastic cloudy/sunny kind of stormy day, and is not touched up in any way. Straight out of the D90 just like that. The demons are free stock photos (nope, there are no lynxes or peregrines in Munich's Englischer Garten). Credits to Dylan Masells for helping me out with the graphics program AND the fantastic fonts!

More art will eventually be coming, hopefully including a map of Kartus as requested by readers of the manuscript and the samples. Stay tuned for more news here!