The first revision is completed! Plus: a new, longer sample is available to read on the website...

After weeks of work with a family member, the proofreading and first revision of the book is completed. But this doesn't mean the book is published yet--the task of finding an agent and publisher continues! In addition, I need to get a professional reviewer to look over the samples and provide me with an evaluation. This will be invaluable to my business plan for the German government. Probably anyone with a PhD in literature would have the credentials to do it. Please contact the author if you are interested or have any connections in that regard.

Now the exciting part: the Prologue of the book is now available in the Samples section for everyone to preview: Demon's Bane Prologue! If you want to read the full excerpt, please register here.

Last but not least, there are now a few pictures of the author on the About the Author page! Usually I am busy taking pictures of animals, events, and landscapes, but I found a few photos of myself floating around in the dark recesses of my hard disk.