Demon's Bane Newsletter #1 - revisions completed, new sample on website!

Hello all!

I know it's been a while since many of you signed up for the David Douglas Books newsletter, but finally the first issue is here!

Special request
I need to get the word out about Demon's Bane, so please let your friends know about the website. Even people who aren't big fans of the Fantasy genre told me they enjoyed the excerpts as well as the unique style of magic, which has an engineering/physics basis!

After weeks of work with a family member, the proofreading and first revision of the book is completed (thanks Mom!). But this doesn't mean the book is published yet--the task of finding an agent and publisher continues! In addition, I need to get a professional reviewer to look over the samples and provide me with an evaluation. This will be invaluable to my business plan for the German government. Probably anyone with a PhD in literature would have the credentials to do it. Please contact the author if you are interested or have any connections in that regard.

Now for the exciting part! The Prologue of the book is now available in the Samples section for everyone to preview: Demon's Bane Prologue. If you want to read the full excerpt, please register here.

For those who have created an account already, login here to read the full excerpts!

More news: I have added a new poll where you can vote on which method you would use to purchase the book (assuming the excerpts catch your interest). This will be very helpful for me in case I can't find a traditional publisher and end up doing Print-On-Demand publishing.

Last but not least, there are now a few pictures of the author on the About the Author page! Usually I am busy taking pictures of animals, events, and landscapes, but I found a few photos of myself floating around in the dark recesses of my hard disk. Those of you from Skydive Orange might recognize one of them.

Thanks for reading, und viele Grüße,