Demon's Bane Newsletter #2 - new content on the website, and a separate blog!

Hello all!

Right now I'm busy reviewing chapters of the book on an online writing workshop, while waiting for feedback from agents. In between I've been creating new content to keep you entertained! There's only so much of the book that I can put on the website without giving something away, so I'll be working on a few things on the side as well.

You can now create an e-Postcard to mail this site to friends:
There's also an "email this page" link below most articles.

I'm using the site to host various photo albums:

And, here are several short videos that I've shot:
I recommend the wakeboard tricks video, my first spliced video compiled on Linux. (Ouch... I don't recommend using Linux for video editing)

I'm entering the wild world of blogging. In the first four posts I have chickens doing the tango, fantastic sunsets shot on cheap cameras, a report on the Nikon D90 (which rocks!), and a shameless self-promotion of the book website.
Photo & Travelblogue:
Comment on the posts to let me know what you think! I hope the RSS works...

If any of this is entertaining, tell your friends :D

Thanks for reading, und viele Grüße,