Demon's Bane Newsletter #4 - Book Giveaway!

Hi, Subscribers!

Revisions of the book are ongoing now. DEMON'S BANE should be available in December or January, if all goes well. Now the big news:

I am doing a promotional book giveaway, with a personally autographed copy to be shipped free of charge to each winner after publishing. There will be one winner per month starting in October! And for those living far abroad... yes, I will even ship it to you (for free) in Malaysia, China, Australia, etc if you win.

For the October drawing, I'm going to use the Newsletter subscription list. If you received this newsletter directly from me, you're already in the running--no need to do anything! The first winner will be picked in the last week of October.

Please let your friends, family, and blog readers know, so they can have a chance at winning as well :-) Just forward them this newsletter. Signing up for a website account or newsletter subscription just takes a few seconds at (look in the right sidebar).

In blog news, there's a new post about the Imster Achterbahn, a long Alpine Coaster in Austria... Imster Achterbahn with video and photos!

Good luck...