Demon's Bane Newsletter #5 - Cover Photo & Book Giveaway!

Hi all!

I plan to finish book revisions next week and move on to proofreading and final typesetting. Printing time is almost here.

Part of that process is the BOOK COVER, and I want a lot of feedback on it! So, the November giveaway winner will be randomly selected from those who comment on the cover photo in my blog post!

To enter, just visit the Demon's Bane Book Cover Contest Blog Post and leave a comment. Your email address is hidden from the public, but visible to me as the blog admin to contact you if you win. (note, I must approve all comments, so it won't show up until the next time I'm online).

There's still one more day to enter the October contest: Newsletter Signup for a chance to win! in case you have family or friends that want to participate.

While you're reading the blog, check out other recent posts about Japanese Okonomiyaki, the fastest production car in the world, and the mountain paradise of Lenggries (including a medieval fire-twirling show at night!). If you like what you read, you can sign up with the orange buttons in the left sidebar to be notified about future posts.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!