Demon's Bane Newsletter #6 - New Cover Art!

Hi all!

The proofreading is almost done, in fact I hope to finish it tonight and send off the files to the printer tomorrow. That means this is the last chance to give your feedback on the UPDATED book cover: it's now an illustration with some artistic filters applied, instead of a stylized photo. There are two versions of the illustration as well, so I'd love to hear your feedback on which one is better.

If you leave a comment on the blog about the new cover, you'll have a chance to win November's free book drawing! Demon's Bane Book Cover Contest: Take Two. Your email address is hidden from the public, but visible to me as the blog admin to contact you if you win. (note, I must approve all comments, so it won't show up until the next time I'm online).

While you're visiting the blog, check out other recent posts about climbing Zugspitze: my first two nicely-cut videos with music & titles are up there :-) And there is snow at Hintertux for skiing...

Thanks for reading, and good luck!