Demon's Bane Newsletter #8 - Demon's Bane for sale!

Hi all,

As some of you in the US know, the book is already on sale there for the last week. Now it's also available on Amazon Germany and UK!

I'd much appreciate it if you could get the word out about the book. In case you know anyone who likes to read, please forward this newsletter to them. I've even put the first four chapters up as a free PDF download, so anyone can check out the writing before they decide to buy.

Download sample chapters

If you use the Amazon links provided here, I get a little commission to help buy more Ramen noodles:

Where to buy Demon's Bane

Thanks to everyone for your support, emails, and book-cover comments. I'm excited that the end result is finally here! In the next few months I'll be sending occasional updates about new blog reviews of the book, and information about potential publishing deals (I have a German agent now!). Don't postpone buying if you are interested--if I sign a book deal, I'll have to stop printing this "Print On Demand" version ;).

Happy Holidays!