Reviews for Demon's Bane:

Here's the review from Bona Fide on Only The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy. "When you want to read a refreshing and really entertaining story in a non door stopper format with a plucky 'little man', a good magic system and intriguing demons then I recommend to read Demon's Bane which is - I need to repeat it - David's debut novel."

Cheryl from Cheryl's Book Nook has put up a review. "Senn stole the show. He was engaging, charming, brave. Mr. Douglas I can tell does have a flair for good story telling."

Melissa from Melissa's Bookshelf had these comments. "Demon's Bane is a very worthy debut novel. Fantasy-lovers will enjoy it; particularly Douglas's spin on magic and his work with demons and spirits."

Devin from I Heart Monster had this to say. "I Heart It. David Douglas's debut novel is a well-thought-out and original story. It was refreshing that this novel contained something different...This is not a copy cat fantasy novel."

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