Demon's Bane Newsletter #11 - Book Depository, Search Inside!

Hi all,

I have lots of news this month! First of all, for those living outside the US / Europe, you can now get Demon's Bane much cheaper, at The Book Depository. Link: The Book Depository. The price is a bit higher, but they offer free worldwide shipping.

The next thing is "Search Inside," an Amazon feature that lets you look anywhere you want in the book before buying it. This feature is now enabled for Demon's Bane at the US site! You can see a limited number of pages. Check it out.

Amazon links are below:
Where to buy Demon's Bane
(at time of writing, it's on sale at Amazon US for $10.75, a 10% discount)

Finally, there's the long-term news. My wonderful German agent, Isabel Hagemann, is working to find a German publisher for Demon's Bane. In case a publisher has interest in the book, I would most likely have to stop publication of the Print-On-Demand version that's available now. So, if you want to buy a copy, don't delay or you may miss out on the chance.

I really want to thank those who have read the book and submitted a review on If anyone else wishes to do this, please write what you think as an objective reader. Those Amazon reviews really help my publicity (whether .com or .de), and I can use them in promotional material.

Hope everyone is surviving the snowy winter (or warm summer, for those in the southern hemisphere)!

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