Demon's Bane Newsletter #12 - Self-Publishing articles

Hi All,

It's snowing again in Munich. Considering that the first snowfall was in mid-October, we're looking at a 5-month winter here - which is great for my side project of a carving-snowboard DVD!

Demon's Bane is still out there, and I'm biding my time until a German publisher (hopefully) expresses interest in the manuscript. In the meantime, I've received several questions about how I physically set up the book. So I decided to create a section on my website about it, which you can see here: Self-Publishing. I believe I've found the least expensive and highest-margin way of doing it, via Lightning Source, a very big Print-On-Demand printer.

So far I've created tutorials on:

Forthcoming tutorials,

  • Creating PDF Files (PDF/X-1a:2001 - pdf 1.3 compliant)
  • Obtaining ISBN numbers
  • Signing up with Lightning Source
  • Checking your book on Amazon, B&N, etc
  • Advertising your book

If you have friends that are writing a book, or know anyone who's thought about self publishing, this might be really helpful information for them.

As always, I'm still interested in your reviews of Demon's Bane on Amazon or any other book sales website where it's available. Thanks for your support!

Take care,