Demon's Bane Newsletter #13 - Cyber Monday

Hi all!

Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans, and hope everyone is gearing up for a great holiday season. Since a lot of you may be starting your online Christmas shopping today, why not pick up a copy of DEMON'S BANE while you're on Amazon? It makes a great gift for yourself, or for anyone you know who reads fiction. Lots of readers have commented that they love the book, even though they usually don't read fantasy.

Where to buy Demon's Bane

You can "Look Inside" the book at the US Amazon site to get an idea of the writing style.

If you'd like to see what the author has been up to since last December when the book was published, check out Dave's Photo & Travelblogue or Guided Munich Photo Tours. It's been a busy year, including a 3-month trip around the world! Self-employment hasn't paid all that well, though, so now I'm looking to find an Engineering / Project Manager job while my literary agent continues to work on selling the book to German publishers. If that happens, my already-laid plans for a sequel will be put into motion.

For those living in Munich, I still have a few copies of DEMON'S BANE available that I can sign for you! Just let me know, and we can meet for a coffee & personal book signing.

Take care and Happy Holidays,