Demon's Bane Newsletter #13 - Cyber Monday

Hi all!

Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans, and hope everyone is gearing up for a great holiday season. Since a lot of you may be starting your online Christmas shopping today, why not pick up a copy of DEMON'S BANE while you're on Amazon? It makes a great gift for yourself, or for anyone you know who reads fiction. Lots of readers have commented that they love the book, even though they usually don't read fantasy.

Where to buy Demon's Bane

You can "Look Inside" the book at the US Amazon site to get an idea of the writing style.

If you'd like to see what the author has been up to since last December when the book was published, check out Dave's Photo & Travelblogue or Guided Munich Photo Tours. It's been a busy year, including a 3-month trip around the world! Self-employment hasn't paid all that well, though, so now I'm looking to find an Engineering / Project Manager job while my literary agent continues to work on selling the book to German publishers. If that happens, my already-laid plans for a sequel will be put into motion.

For those living in Munich, I still have a few copies of DEMON'S BANE available that I can sign for you! Just let me know, and we can meet for a coffee & personal book signing.

Take care and Happy Holidays,

Demon's Bane Newsletter #12 - Self-Publishing articles

Hi All,

It's snowing again in Munich. Considering that the first snowfall was in mid-October, we're looking at a 5-month winter here - which is great for my side project of a carving-snowboard DVD!

Demon's Bane is still out there, and I'm biding my time until a German publisher (hopefully) expresses interest in the manuscript. In the meantime, I've received several questions about how I physically set up the book. So I decided to create a section on my website about it, which you can see here: Self-Publishing. I believe I've found the least expensive and highest-margin way of doing it, via Lightning Source, a very big Print-On-Demand printer.

So far I've created tutorials on:

Forthcoming tutorials,

  • Creating PDF Files (PDF/X-1a:2001 - pdf 1.3 compliant)
  • Obtaining ISBN numbers
  • Signing up with Lightning Source
  • Checking your book on Amazon, B&N, etc
  • Advertising your book

If you have friends that are writing a book, or know anyone who's thought about self publishing, this might be really helpful information for them.

As always, I'm still interested in your reviews of Demon's Bane on Amazon or any other book sales website where it's available. Thanks for your support!

Take care,

Demon's Bane Newsletter #11 - Book Depository, Search Inside!

Hi all,

I have lots of news this month! First of all, for those living outside the US / Europe, you can now get Demon's Bane much cheaper, at The Book Depository. Link: The Book Depository. The price is a bit higher, but they offer free worldwide shipping.

The next thing is "Search Inside," an Amazon feature that lets you look anywhere you want in the book before buying it. This feature is now enabled for Demon's Bane at the US site! You can see a limited number of pages. Check it out.

Amazon links are below:
Where to buy Demon's Bane
(at time of writing, it's on sale at Amazon US for $10.75, a 10% discount)

Finally, there's the long-term news. My wonderful German agent, Isabel Hagemann, is working to find a German publisher for Demon's Bane. In case a publisher has interest in the book, I would most likely have to stop publication of the Print-On-Demand version that's available now. So, if you want to buy a copy, don't delay or you may miss out on the chance.

I really want to thank those who have read the book and submitted a review on If anyone else wishes to do this, please write what you think as an objective reader. Those Amazon reviews really help my publicity (whether .com or .de), and I can use them in promotional material.

Hope everyone is surviving the snowy winter (or warm summer, for those in the southern hemisphere)!

Read on...

Demon's Bane at The Book Depository

You can now find the book at The Book Depository, where the price is a bit higher, but they offer free worldwide shipping!

As I'm writing this, it is priced at $16.80, which is not bad considering the $4.85 over the cover price will get the book to New Zealand :-) If you visit the site of The Book Depository it's priced at £11.06.

Happy reading to my remote fans!

First reviews are in!

So far, four book bloggers have agreed to review Demon's Bane. Today, the first one of those reviews was published!

Bona Fide on Only The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy wrote a thorough review that speaks for itself. Here's a short excerpt: "When you want to read a refreshing and really entertaining story in a non door stopper format with a plucky 'little man', a good magic system and intriguing demons then I recommend to read Demon's Bane which is - I need to repeat it - David's debut novel."

At the Review page you can see all current reviews of the book, including a link to reader reviews on Amazon.

Demon's Bane on sale!

Demon's Bane is now available on Amazon in the US, Germany, Canada, and UK:

Amazon in Canada

Please buy via these links to support a starving writer! ;-) The book is a 6"x9" trade paperback with heavy creme paper. I'm really pleased with the quality of the proof copy I received. Happy reading!

Additional sources to buy, in case you're not an Amazon fan:

The Book Depository - free shipping worldwide!

Barnes and Noble

If you shop for books at a brick-and-mortar bookstore, they should be able to special order Demon's Bane for you. It's distributed by the large US distributor, Ingram. Just give them the ISBN number: 978-0984254705.

For those who live in Munich, there may be another way: contact me directly.

I'll update this page as the book becomes available at further sources.

Download sample chapters of DEMON'S BANE now!

The book will be available for purchase in just a few short weeks. That means it's time to let you have a peek at the first several chapters! In this giveaway everyone wins:

Click here for the Samples page to download!

If you want to be notified when the book is available for purchase (bookstore special order +, please subscribe to the newsletter using the link in the right sidebar.

Enjoy reading, and I look forward to your comments! Here's a preview of the final cover:

The November giveaway winner is...

Congratulations to CN Heidelberg! You're the random winner in the November giveaway.

I'll put CN Heidelberg on my "free book" list, to be sent out once it's published. A short update on that: I had to revise the interior due to an issue with the margins. I'm hoping that I can release the book in about 1 week, if no further problems arise. Then I expect it will be available to bookstores for special order quite fast, although Amazon will take a few weeks longer.

Thanks again to the RAND() function of for ensuring a fair chance to all entrants.

Stay tuned for the December giveaway, where everyone wins!

Demon's Bane Newsletter #6 - New Cover Art!

Hi all!

The proofreading is almost done, in fact I hope to finish it tonight and send off the files to the printer tomorrow. That means this is the last chance to give your feedback on the UPDATED book cover: it's now an illustration with some artistic filters applied, instead of a stylized photo. There are two versions of the illustration as well, so I'd love to hear your feedback on which one is better.

If you leave a comment on the blog about the new cover, you'll have a chance to win November's free book drawing! Demon's Bane Book Cover Contest: Take Two. Your email address is hidden from the public, but visible to me as the blog admin to contact you if you win. (note, I must approve all comments, so it won't show up until the next time I'm online).

While you're visiting the blog, check out other recent posts about climbing Zugspitze: my first two nicely-cut videos with music & titles are up there :-) And there is snow at Hintertux for skiing...

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

The October giveaway winner is...

Congratulations to Udo H! You're the random winner in the October giveaway.

I'll put Udo on my "free book" list, to be sent out once it's published.

I'd like to thank the RAND() function of for its help in ensuring a fair chance to all newsletter subscribers. This free productivity suite isn't MS Office, but it's the best open source program I've ever seen.